Data in Context: Understanding the WHY in your data

Data in Context Understanding the WHY in your data

Remove Bias In Data Analysis

In this age of augmented intelligence, human reasoning remains the critical element in painting a coherent picture through available data. But with human reasoning comes inherent bias. Whether it is confirmation bias to prove predetermined assumptions or outlier bias that affirms skewed data, unconscious bias can lead to a faulty analysis with the heavy penalty of misinformed strategic decisions.
While data analytics today shows us WHAT happened and WHEN it happened, evidence-based analysis focuses on diagnosing the root cause by looking at data in context.
Are some reps consistently outperforming others? Inherent bias steers us toward immediate reasoning such as “the reps are more seasoned”. Evidence-based analysis drills into the question objectively – is it simply rep tenure or is there a correlation in the data that signals a particular common attribute, lifestyle choice, territory assignment or soft skill that makes top sales reps able to overachieve quota.
Mitigate the risk of unconscious bias in data analysis, drill into key factors affecting performance outcomes and paint an accurate picture of business and employee performance by understanding the WHY in your data.

Unlock the strategic potential of data

The diagnostic analysis is the foundation of an evidence-based economy. As bias is removed from data exploration, hidden insights into the root cause of performance start to emerge. Is it a sales rep’s tenure that leads to being a top performer or is it an unusual attribute or skill that allows the individual to crush targets every time? How can the company replicate this element in all sales reps? What components are missing in optimizing incentive structures based on sales personas and expectations? Find answers to key questions around performance and rewards. Extract critical information to align employee behavior to organizational objectives through optimized performance management.

Outperform the market

Understanding data accurately is critical for timely, growth-focused strategic decisions. “How do we increase revenue?” Every business leader, every organization is faced with this question daily. Uncover performance blind spots. Go beyond the usual performance reports and drill into the core reasons behind performance trends and anomalies. Leverage precise yet comprehensive data insights to understand each factor that influences business results and confidently and accurately predict future outcomes.

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