Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management or EPM solutions enable your organization to automate and transform financial planning & analysis (FP&A) processes through a synergized, cross-functional approach across the organization. Pre-empt disruptions with swift action based on accurate, comprehensive insights into historical results and forecasted trends.

Purpose-built platforms & functionality

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Enable, simplify & automate integrated business budgeting & forecasting on a rolling basis across all departments. Plan for the future by accurately modeling & evaluating multiple scenarios.

Reporting & Analysis

Tell the story behind the numbers in visually engaging ways. Uncover & share actionable insights to multiple stakeholders from departments to board room for fast decision-making and responsive operations.

EPM Vs. FP&A Vs. SPM? Learn About Different Concepts In The Performance Management World.

3 Reasons Why Our EPM Solutions Let You Focus On Your Business

Plan & Execute with Agility

Connect all disparate systems and synchronize enterprise-wide workflows to implement collaborative, agile, error-free planning & forecasting processes to drive financial outcomes. Develop a comprehensive, integrated view of performance through automated reporting & self-service analytics based on a single source of truth.

Enable intelligent, predictive decision-making

Spot hidden opportunities & blind spots by slicing & dicing data in real-time. Drill down into multi-dimensional financial and operational data to gain deeper insights into root causes. Take confident, pro-active action to optimize financial performance by leveraging real-time signals, advanced scenario planning & profitability modeling.

Ensure Robust Governance & Compliance

Mitigate risk through financial reporting accuracy based on a single source of truth, powerful security and audit-proof reporting to ensure complete accountability and traceability. Deploy company-wide autonomy for stakeholders to run their own analytics without the compliance risks.

FAQ - EPM solutions

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and BPM (Business Performance Management) tend to be used interchangeably. These solutions are designed to simplify, streamline and automate the end-to-end financial planning, analysis & close processes.
Enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions are intended to assist businesses with their FP&A needs – planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analytics. With the flexibility of applying unique nuances to financial planning such as top-down or bottom-up budgeting, allocations based on custom drivers and consolidations as requirements dictate, EPM solutions benefit organizations by providing accurate, comprehensive data on which to base strategic decisions, improve governance compliance and adherence to accounting standards.

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