Planning and Budgeting

Planning and Budgeting

Planning and Budgeting with spreadsheets is prone to common user-errors and inefficient use of your time. FPM solutions deliver a platform for you to automate repetitive tasks, integrate and consolidate your financial data, strengthen collaboration, and focus on what matters like making better business decisions.

Features or Use-cases of Solution

Cut the long, error-ridden budgeting process. Simplify and streamline cumbersome FP&A processes, automate tedious planning & budgeting tasks and enable adaptive forecasting & modeling so you can focus on achieving financial outcomes.

Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Planned spreadsheet-based processes are inefficient because they consume valuable time. Since plans have been rendered obsolete by the time they are implemented, it’s impossible to improve on the original strategy. Our solutions strive to be more accurate and effective in planning and forecasting business activities by automating and collaborating.


Excel can be difficult for finance professionals who need to generate numbers and track their progress over time. With the help of our solutions, unified planning is possible with a seamless data foundation that allows for simultaneous collaboration, workflows, and comments.

Reporting & Timely Insights

Traditional reporting requires a lot of time and analysis. Our solutions include an interactive dashboard, which allows users to monitor the status of their projects at any given moment. Additionally, it incorporates powerful analytical features such as forecasting models and dashboards. The system can generate reports for specific purposes.

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3 reasons why our EPM Solutions let you focus on your business

Boost Financial Accuracy & Drive Efficiency

Remove error-prone, time-consuming budgeting & forecasting processes through traceable workflows & version control. Automate cumbersome steps such as data collection & consolidation from multiple sources to create accurate plans, budgets & forecasts. Mitigate business risk through accurate, timely financial reporting.

Eliminate Planning Silos & Shorten Planning Cycles

Integrate planning inputs & adjustments seamlessly from multiple contributors with increased frequency & granularity in a secure & collaborative manner. Align bottom-up detail to top-down targets & deliver on time-constrained budgeting & forecasting goals such as annual plans & rolling forecasts.

Steer Business Performance Continuously

Gain unprecedented insights into hidden business drivers, anomalies & profitability trends. Deliver adaptive foresight through powerful scenario planning and advanced analytics of dimensionally rich and up-to-date actual, plan & forecast data from a single source of truth. Optimize all levels of decision-making through ad-hoc, self-service analytics.


EPM solutions, focused on streamlining the FP&A and financial close processes, assist you in making better financial decisions and avoiding major losses. They grant a comprehensive view of your company’s financial health by combining data from multiple data sources for secure, auditable planning, reporting and analysis. Robust EPM solutions can help automate manual tasks such as data collection and consolidation, workflow management and even some parts of complex financial processes such as consolidations while increasing overall accuracy and timeliness.

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