Reporting and Analysis

Reporting and Analysis

Finance departments are buried under the burden of producing accurate, timely, and user-friendly reports across all their data points. FPM solutions improve efficiency by automating on-demand access to reports, dashboards, and "what-if" analysis spanning plans, budgets, forecasts, and actuals, both online and offline.

Features or Use-cases of Solution

Better align, monitor, and guide the organization’s strategy with the right information at your fingertips, when and where you need it. Simplify internal and external reporting while enjoying full access to self-service analytics in a secure, reliable fashion.

Unified Financial Analysis

An all-encompassing solution for managing a company’s finances. Our solutions include everything you need for budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and consolidation.

Financial Planning and Forecasting

We use cutting-edge solutions to help manage your finances by using financial data to modify your business models in real time. Build accurate forecasts using our integrated solutions by using past trends and forecast scenarios.

Reporting and Analysis for Finance

The solution empowers you to create accurate financial information in an easy-to-read format in just a few simple steps. It lets you design your own reports by choosing predefined reports or data sets, as well as customizable elements.

Transform Your Business Performance With An Interactive Dashboard: Our Step-By-Step Checklist To Make It Easier Than Ever.

3 reasons why our EPM Solutions let you focus on your business

Increase Confidence & Responsiveness in Decisions

Empower stakeholders from boardroom to departmental employees to adapt quickly to changes or course-correct by providing actionable, timely & visually engaging reports. Improve communication and provide required context with crucial supplementary information such as comments, notes & line-item details.

Enable a Culture of Data-discovery to Enhance Predictability

Equip users to find the “why” in their data through self-service analytics capabilities such as multi-dimensional, ad-hoc slicing & dicing and drill-down capabilities based on a reliable, unified & dynamic dataset. Increase predictive intelligence through connected insights, flexible forecasting & scenario-modeling capabilities.

Consistently Meet Regulatory Standards & Requirements

Tackle complex consolidations & manage adjustments with ease. Deliver external reporting on time with increased accuracy and adherence to international & regional standards such as GAAP, IFRS & XBRL. Access detailed, automated audit reports as required for internal & external audit processes.


Financial performance management solutions are designed to assist businesses in tracking their financial performance on a regular basis with reliable, up-to-date data. When combined with the appropriate tools, EPM solutions enable teams to easily track and analyze data in real-time resulting in more accurate financial reporting. Organizations can use these insights to improve the accuracy of forecasts and projections, improve the design of budgets and forecasting models, and increase transparency in an organization’s finances.

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