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Transform your incentive compensation process in just four weeks

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Why choose InnoVyne Express?

Say goodbye to lengthy compensation implementation and hello to simple, streamlined efficiency in just four weeks. InnoVyne Express takes your business off legacy spreadsheets and transitions it onto Varicent Incentives, an industry leading incentive compensation solution.

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Faster Time To Value

Transition from an error-prone spreadsheet environment to a purpose-built ICM solution that immediately improves your operational efficiency.

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Built to Scale

Meet the ever-changing needs of your business with a highly scalable and configurable solution that effortlessly handles large amounts of data.

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Accelerate Growth

Empower compensation administrators with industry leading tools that make it easy to plan and forecast, while automation takes care of routine tasks.  

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Learn more about our solution

Not sure whether ICM is for you? Interested in learning more about our company? Wait no longer, download our PDF to dive deep into our service.

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Who does it help?

Whether you are in Sales, HR, Finance, or Executive Management, an integrated Incentive Compensation Management solution is demonstrated to improve all aspects of the sales function

As an HR Director at a burgeoning tech startup, it’s extremely important that we attract and retain the best talent. InnoVyne Express has helped us by making it easy for sales reps to review their compensation plans, stay up to date with their performance, and resolve all inquiries in one central place.

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Human Resources Director at Savvy Software

As a leader of a growing sales team, I understand firsthand the importance of aligning compensation incentives with strategic business objectives. InnoVyne Express provides us with real-time data and reporting that we depend on to optimize our compensation models, design coaching initiatives, set targets, and so much more.


VP of Sales at Fantastic Pharma

As the Head of Finance at a growing firm, I’m responsible for calculating multi-variable incentives with large volumes of data. With InnoVyne Express I’ve been able to automate all routine processes, which saves me days every month. What’s more, this has reduced errors and improved our regulatory compliance!

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Head of Finance at Intrepid Insurance

How InnoVyne Express Works

After providing an overview of the solution, we identify the business data necessary to run your model

Next, we integrate your business logic and supporting data into the model and verify its accuracy

Then we test the model to detect any oversights or discrepancies in preparation for deployment

Finally, we transfer the model from the development to the production environment for your use

Other Services

Implementation Services

Leverage our experts who know your industry, the technology, and who can help shape a strategy, roadmap, and enterprise-wide implementation.
Dedicated on-going support for all your growth, enablement, and continued solution enhancement needs.

Empower your teams with training designed to speed adoption and understanding of both SPM and EPM technology, so that you can establish a self-sustaining practice.

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