Jedox is a solutions provider that helps companies grow. The software enables users to automate their processes and drive better decision making with data-driven insights. It also helps organizations effectively plan, report, analyze and forecast their performance by providing automated reports, dashboards and management analytics.

Why Jedox?

Jedox is an ideal xP&A platform due to its unique flexibility and scalability. While numerous planning solutions on the market achieve only the integration of operational and financial data by linking less flexible, ready-made solutions with platform products that can be modelled, Jedox avoids this rigidity.

Jedox Features

Integrated Business Planning

Solve your challenges with a single tap by using our integrated tools that work hand-in-hand with each other. With Jedox, you’ll be able to set up a business plan with all the necessary elements in one place.

Financial Planning and Analysis

Prepare financial forecasts by forecasting sales on a monthly basis with Jedox’s powerful financial planning analysis tool or by forecasting profits on a quarterly basis with our cash flow management tool.

Sales Performance Management

Make better decisions about which activities should be prioritized based on their individual strengths and weaknesses. Get a comprehensive view into how well each resource performs on every opportunity.

See Jedox in Action

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