Operate Efficiently with Managed Services

Operate Efficiently with Managed Services

At InnoVyne, our team strives to drive customer satisfaction and ensure customer success. From sales to services, we are laser-focused on our client objectives from the initial demos through to solution implementation and beyond – that is our customer-focused delivery method. But what exactly is beyond and what can you expect from us in your days and years to come? This is where InnoVyne’s managed services kick in – strategic services designed to optimize, embolden, and grow your technology investment. 

s evaluate this further…

What are managed services?

Managed services provide a comprehensive offering designed to support your ongoing business operations for the entire lifecycle of your SPM journey. Whether you need systems configuration support, administrative assistance, or product coaching, these business solutions provide consulting services for any stage of your SPM journey. At InnoVyne, our approach to managed services is divided into a 3-part strategy for every client:

  1. Needs assessment: we perform a thorough assessment of your specialized needs, pain points, and wish-list items
  2. Strategic roll-out: we tailor and execute a strategic plan designed to optimize solution functionality, build efficiencies, and foster greater adoption in your systems and processes
  3. Transparent activities: like an open book, we provide you clarity and access to our continuous activities, solutions, and results

The key to lasting operational success with your SPM solution lies in a continuous delivery model that is simple and effective in driving results and knowledge-transfer to your teams.

1) Needs assessment

The first step to a partnership entails an onboarding and discovery process that focuses on your needs. Where do we start?

We ask the difficult questions – a whole lot of why’s and how’s. The goal is to not only assess the technical work required to implement your business requirements but to also understand your business needs, processes, and people. We develop a profile of your entire business operations, which we use to better provide solution recommendations and tailor our engagement with you.

This is also where we introduce our dedicated services team. These individuals are tasked with understanding all your activities, become familiar with your business operations, SPM solutions, and guide your team forward. Through a personalized approach, our consultants will work with you to perform an assessment of your unique and specialized needs, identify specific requirements and areas of improvement.

Let’s be completely clear about one thing: your problems become our mission. Together with your members, we act as one coherent team drinking from the same Kool-Aid. If we can better understand and assess your business from A to Z, then we can make anything happen in your SPM solution. In some circumstances, we may perform a series of health checks and model assessment exercises to diagnose the functionality and performance of your SPM solution. In the end, this initial discovery provides the needed details for us to recommend value-added tools and services for your organization.

2) Strategic roll-out

We understand that every department and organization is unique – which is why InnoVyne offers customized engagements and solutions to address our client business objectives. We are not your standard cookie-cutter organization. This is what sets us apart and what our customers appreciate about working with InnoVyne.

Let’s go back to our team. We are true consultants, not just configurators. We go beyond just the technical resources – we support all your ongoing needs related to your sales operations, knowledge transfer and coaching, roadmap development, backlog management, activity tracking, and providing detailed status reporting. Our team of consultants, technical specialists and project coordinators work in parallel with your team to better understand your business processes, to set short and long-term goals, and to determine a roll-out of solutions and activities best suited for your organization.

Most of our customers benefit from our monthly release-planning strategy. Our program utilizes agile concepts to better serve our clients’ ever-changing business landscapes. They benefit from continuous smaller systems and process improvements with a minimal time commitment. The key benefit here is a reduced time-to-value proposition. Monthly release-planning sessions determine an action plan from your backlog of activities and potential ad-hoc requests. Our collaboration portal provides status updates, comments, and relevant documentation. It is a simple and highly efficient process, built on agile principles.

3) Transparency and collaboration

Our collaboration portal is your one-stop shop for tracking our mutual activities and connecting with the InnoVyne team. It is customized for your needs and your roll-out strategy – a centralized communications page that tracks activities, documents, comments, milestones, budgets, and just simply enables more efficient collaboration. It gives our clients true visibility into each step of the way; from triaging, to solution design, onwards to development and test support.

As a partner, we take pride in providing transparency in our operations, solutions, and ongoing activities – it’s what establishes trust. The activities we engage in never go from a start to finish in one shot. We show our work each step of the way, engage with the client, and ensure they understand the solution being provided. These simple updates and comments provide great value in risk mitigation, adoption of potential changes earlier in the process and enablement. No more lost emails. No more side conversations. One centralized hub for our teams and all our activities.

Let’s sum it up

The road to a successful managed services engagement entails more than just technical expertise. Selecting an SPM partner that delivers deep industry experience and technical skillsets is important. However, this partner also needs to understand that your requirements are unique and special – which is why InnoVyne leans heavily on providing flexible rollout options and transparent engagements. We invest in quality and skilled people that share our passion for technology and our customer objectives. Our teamwork synergy makes our interactions, communications, and solutions feel super easy and stressless. This is one of the many ways we can help you grow your SPM investment.

Want to know more about how InnoVyne can help you leverage your SPM processes? Contact us.

Matthew Puntillo

Matthew Puntillo

Operations Manager at InnoVyne Technologies

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