Curious. Analytical. Driven.​

InnoVyne Values

We have an amazing team of vibrant professionals working on-site at our Canadian and U.S. offices. These aren’t just your average configurators, coders, and project-managers – they deeply understand their technology, industry, and customer challenges. They’re also familiar with a host of solutions and tools to stay atop of their game. While they come from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs, they all share some common-ground for our customers, our solutions, and our practice.

To Care

We care about our work, our customers, and the impact we have on their operations. Our team-members are invested in their work, relationships, and communities. Because if it’s worth doing it right, it’s worth doing it extremely well.

To Think Long-Term

From the get-go, we always work with an end-vision and end-product in mind. We strive to create the right solution the first time, and have it deliver results for years to come. That means thinking and planning ahead, on projects and internally.

To Teach and Learn

Technology is evolving faster than ever before. So we’re committed to continued learning and adopting of new tools and processes, honing our craft, and enriching the understanding of our entire team.

We know our stuff and can’t wait to learn about your needs.

The Value of a Trusted Partner

Meet our Leaders


Khalid Rahmany

Founder & Managing Partner

We are well-positioned as a trusted partner to further expand the value, impact and ROI of SPM solutions.


Omid Mehrzad

Managing Partner

We understand the business- and technology-related challenges our customers experience and provide solutions & services that address them.


Jonathan Menezes

Services Director

We are true consultants, not just configurators. We go beyond technical resources.


Matthew Puntillo

Operations Manager

We are a customer-centric provider and dedicated to delivering high-quality, precise and trusted SPM solutions to our customers.


Elena Finionova

Marketing Manager

We are successful because of our TEAM. We use our creativity and expertise to deliver an optimized solution to drive your business forward.

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