Post-Implementation Activities Part 2: Hypercare

Post-Implementation Activities Part 2 Hypercare

Welcome to our second entry of our 3-part blog-series where we discuss all things post-implementation support. Our series focuses on ensuring project success and happy end-users throughout the process. In our previous post, we looked at planning your SPM solution’s launch and how to minimize risk at the GoLive point.

This post discusses how to manage GoLive, Hypercare, and its value to your solution deployment.

What is Hypercare?

In simple terms, Hypercare is a form of post-deployment support provided by implementation teams that occurs immediately after the implementation of a project. It will typically last for a predetermined time – say a few weeks or months.

During this time, the idea is to provide an elevated level of support to project and application administration teams to ensure a seamless launch and adoption of the new system.

Why does Hypercare matter?

Unfortunately, introducing a complex system comes with its challenges. Not everything goes according to plan after GoLive. However, you must be prepared to address these challenges in a timely and controlled manner – especially at the launch time. First impressions matter a lot to end-users, stakeholders, and sponsors!

You may have missed a critical configuration step, the integration layer malfunctions, or disgruntled users just aren’t happy with their dashboards for absolutely no reason. It happens, and that’s perfectly okay! Having a helping hand at this point will be the best decision.

Our approach to Hypercare

At InnoVyne, we’re here to help. At this junction, we act as a strategic partner at your backbone by incorporating our deployment team members with members of your application administration team, business-line SMEs, compensation administrators, and other support personnel.

This helps manage risk and avoid significant interruptions or roadblocks. Equipped with the necessary capability and capacity, this team will quickly identify issues, resolve underlying problems in the system, and leverage proper communication channels to update end-users.

Our Hypercare support approach is based on preventing the buildup of an issues-log and focusing on optimizing your end-user experience and satisfaction ratings.

Hypercare is all about problem-solving and having a partner in the process allows you to handle any issues without unnecessary delays. The bottom-line focus of our approach addresses your post-deployment stabilization needs and drive administrator enablement. We are ready and available to answer questions and ultimately support your team with the ability to take on any issues or challenges of the new system.

Now that we’ve covered Hypercare, we invite you to read our last and final entry. We’ll look at the road ahead for your SPM solution and what managing the future roadmap will look like as your organization evolves.


Omid Mehrzad

Omid Mehrzad

Managing Partner at InnoVyne Technologies

Matthew Puntillo

Matthew Puntillo

Operations Manager at InnoVyne Technologies

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