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Data Analytics & Visualization Solutions

Make better business decisions by harnessing the power of your data. With advanced analytical solutions, empower your organization with tools to uncover important insights, identify business drivers, optimize your territory coverage model, and help boost company performance.

Powerful tools for all your needs

Accelerate your ability to uncover valuable insights and apply them quickly to improve business outcomes

Analytics for everyone

With up-to-date reports and analytical tools at your fingertips, access insights when you need them most



Benchmark employee, product and territory performance metrics with prior performance and industry metrics


Select one or more periods to ensure analysis is performed across the periods you’re measuring


Add data visualizations to make it easy to spot trends, patterns, and outliers

Data discovery

Be on your path to becoming a data-driven organization by learning from the wealth of data available in your business



Combine relevant data-sets to determine drivers and correlations with business performance


Project sales-target and compensation metrics with pattern analysis and detailed reports


Review performance metrics and trends with sales reps and leaders in near real-time


Turn your data into information and insights!

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