Sales Performance Management for Healthcare

Boost revenue production by predicting footprint growth accurately. Motivate medical liaisons to outperform goals by optimizing goal setting. Manage compliance & audit requirements effortlessly.

Benchmarking & Goal Management

Predicting footprint growth is largely dependent upon accurately benchmarking revenue production. Manual benchmarking & communication is inherently error-prone, time-consuming & directly impacts liaison confidence in the company.

Regulatory Compliance & Audit Reporting

Strict regulations such as HIPAA highly influence compensation design & management in the healthcare industry. Robust data monitoring & accurate audit reporting is a crucial necessity in ensuring regulatory compliance.

High Transactional Volumes

With high transactional volumes, administrators need robust systems to meet commission processing schedules. High data volumes also demand extensive data integration & applicable scalability to process and pay hundreds of payees on time.

Operational Inefficiencies

With high data volumes, stringent regulations & reporting requirements, compensation management in the healthcare industry can become a resource drain with low productivity and result in a high cost of compensation.

SPM Solutions enable your institution to boost revenue production whilst managing compliance & audit requirements

Our SPM Solutions


Incentive Compensation Management

Align your sales teams and strategic objectives to achieve desired revenue targets, comply with regulatory standards, and adapt to market changes quickly and efficiently.

Territory & Quota Management

Territory & Quota Management

Efficiently create, monitor, and align quota and territory assignments with your business strategy. Simplify and automate your complex tasks with powerful workflow solutions.

Data Reporting & Analytics

Data Analytics & Visualization

Gain insight & visibility into mission critical metrics such as performance trends, compensation drivers and revenue flow with advanced reporting and ad-hoc analysis.

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