Incentive Compensation Management Solutions

Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) solutions provide the platform to better manage end-to-end activities related to the administration, automation, calculation and reporting of complex incentive processes.

Integrated end-to-End solutions

ICM solutions provide a flexible and scalable platform for all your compensation, automation, and reporting needs.

Data Engine

Integrate with any data-source using out-of-the-box connectors for Excel, XML, or CSV files, ODBC connections, or via API end-points.

Calculation Engine

Calculate any result needed for your compensation plans, reporting, and analytical needs. If the data is available, the result is easily obtained.

Reporting Engine

From visual data-discovery tools to business analytics reporting, ICM’s reporting engine provides functionality for all users in your company.

Workflow Engine

Automate intricate workflow processes with dashboards and notifications. Simplify data-collection with input forms.

One all-inclusive strategy

Bring together your data, people, and processes under one interface and gain a more complete picture of your company than ever before.

Sales Representatives and Employees

Self-service reports with up-to-date metrics, alerts, inquiry functionality, and user-oriented workflows.

Leaders & Management

Dashboards and reports displaying production, target, and KPI metrics. Keep a constant eye on performance with deeper insights.


Flexible calculation engine for any data-point. Robust audit & compliance reports. Automation and security for the entire enterprise.

Simplify your administration processes with an ICM solution from InnoVyne

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