Solutions for High-tech Industry

With Sales Performance Management Solutions for High-Tech, you can stay at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation by gaining a clear picture of business and employee performance and making accurate data-driven strategic decisions with confidence.

Managing Plan Complexity

High-tech companies struggle to manage a proliferation of rewards plans with a large number of variables. New product launches, tiered commissions and complex crediting structures add multiple layers of complexity in incentive compensation management.


Managing Territories & Quota

Optimizing territories and setting the right quotas are essential in ensuring employee objective achievements. Companies without effective territory design show a 15% lower sales objective achievement than their counterparts.


Managing Sales Rep Data Concerns

Data accuracy issues & lack of data transparency quickly instill deep distrust in employees resulting in productivity drain, higher employee attrition and an increased burden on the compensation administration team.

Aligning Rep Behavior to Strategic Objectives

Given the rapid pace of change & a competitive market, designing & effectively communicating rewards programs that align to strategic goals are core to business growth & employee retention in the high-tech industry.


InnoVyne can help your business to optimize complex processes and improve transparency into sales performance

Our SPM Solutions


Incentive Compensation Management

Align your sales teams and strategic objectives to achieve desired revenue targets, comply with regulatory standards, and adapt to market changes quickly and efficiently.

Territory & Quota Management

Territory & Quota Management

Efficiently create, monitor, and align quota and territory assignments with your business strategy. Simplify and automate your complex tasks with powerful workflow solutions.

Data Reporting & Analytics

Data Analytics & Visualization

Gain insight & visibility into mission critical metrics such as performance trends, compensation drivers and revenue flow with advanced reporting and ad-hoc analysis.

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