Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

Drive business growth by aligning employee incentives to strategic goals. Motivate sales reps to outperform targets with effective communication plans, visibility into commission details, and instilling confidence in compensation data.

Lack of Transparency into Compensation

It is difficult to motivate sales reps when reps are focused on ensuring their commissions for the period are accurate. No clear visibility into commissions results in shadow accounting & a lack of confidence in the compensation teams & data.

Aligning Rep Behavior with Strategic Goals

Designing & effectively communicating rewards programs that align to strategic goals such as revenue growth, profitability and inventory management are core to business growth in the manufacturing industry.

Managing Sales Rep Quotas

Setting the right quotas is essential in ensuring sales rep target achievement. Integrating product, sales, customer & market data to accurately project sales and set quotas can be difficult without the right tools to help in the process.

Ease of Compensation Administration

Manual compensation management brings with it the danger of long payroll processing times. Without a proper inquiry management and reporting system, administrators can easily lose the trust of the sales team & lower productivity.


SPM Solutions deliver the right information at the right time right to your fingertips.

Our SPM Solutions


Incentive Compensation Management

Align your sales teams and strategic objectives to achieve desired revenue targets, comply with regulatory standards, and adapt to market changes quickly and efficiently.

Territory & Quota Management

Territory & Quota Management

Efficiently create, monitor, and align quota and territory assignments with your business strategy. Simplify and automate your complex tasks with powerful workflow solutions.

Data Reporting & Analytics

Data Analytics & Visualization

Gain insight & visibility into mission critical metrics such as performance trends, compensation drivers and revenue flow with advanced reporting and ad-hoc analysis.

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