Solutions for Retail Industry

With Sales Performance Management Solutions for Retail, you can gain deep insight into the store, employee & business performance. Adapt quickly to changing market conditions and align incentives to strategic objectives to drive long-term business sustainability and growth.

Evolving Market Conditions

Accurate insight into factors that affect business sustainability is more critical than ever. Whether it is COVID-19 or a new customer trend, effectively managing the impact of market conditions is key to sustaining a retail business.

Enhance Customer Experience

Consistent, smooth omni-channel customer experience is a continuous challenge as demands shift. Aligning employee behavior to customer needs is now a fundamental requirement for all retail businesses to stay relevant.

Improve Sales Performance

Without designing the right rewards programs and being able to effectively communicate incentives details from managers to store employees, it is nearly impossible to motivate employees to achieve sales targets.

Drive Operational Efficiencies

Whether it is easily setting up and running SPIFFs on-time or managing store-level compensation effectively, the greatest efficiency drain is time-consuming, manual processes that negatively impact employee productivity & margins.


Drive performance, transparency, and compliance in your large workforce.

Our SPM Solutions


Incentive Compensation Management

Align your sales teams and strategic objectives to achieve desired revenue targets, comply with regulatory standards, and adapt to market changes quickly and efficiently.

Territory & Quota Management

Territory & Quota Management

Efficiently create, monitor, and align quota and territory assignments with your business strategy. Simplify and automate your complex tasks with powerful workflow solutions.

Data Reporting & Analytics

Data Analytics & Visualization

Gain insight & visibility into mission critical metrics such as performance trends, compensation drivers and revenue flow with advanced reporting and ad-hoc analysis.

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