Territory & Quota Management Solutions

Managing sales territories and quotas can be labor intensive and error prone. This leads to inefficient assignments and ultimately to unrecognized revenues. Leverage Territory and Quota Management (TQM) solutions to efficiently create, monitor, and optimize quota and territory assignments with rules by territory, product, account or other criteria as required by your business model.

Better Analyze Territories

With visualization solutions such as maps and dashboards, unleash the power of your data. Spot trends and outliers with ease, monitor benchmarks, and drive performance. TQM solutions provide dynamic tools for any business-user.

Monitor Performance

From production metrics to trends to performance benchmarks, the analytical tools are at your fingertips.

Adjustments on the Go

Territory reassignments? Employee turn-over? With a few simple edits, it’s business-as-usual in minutes.

Analyze Trends & Patterns

Historical data provides important reference points for identifying trends, outliers, and projections.

Workflow Automation

Manage complex quota-management processes with an intuitive TQM solution that connects all persons involved in the process. No more spreadsheets, no faxes, or emails – tailored workflow processes provide access to up-to-date data and communication tools.

Proactive Management

Leverage historical metrics, pipeline information, and market segmentation to better analyze and manage results.

Integrate with ICM

Connect territory and quota assignments with ICM for an integrated planning and compensation solution.

Process Automation

Reduce time and improve visibility with automation tools that connect users and processes in a seamless workflow.

Better Allocate Sales Targets and Territories Assignments to Maximize Your Results.

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