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Leverage ICM Solutions to increase accuracy, reduce costs and drive sales performance

InnoVyne Technologies offers IBM SPM solutions that will help simplify your organization’s incentive compensation management. With the automation of commission calculations, as well as many other manual processes, your administration time to determine payouts will be significantly reduced, while minimizing calculation errors and commission overpayments. Sales representatives will have increased visibility into their pay and with embedded analytics they will be able to get timely insight into their own performance.

Give your sales organization the visibility they need to understand their production and compensation metrics and reduce the need for “shadow accounting”. With the IBM ICM solution, your sales reps will be able to view their statements in near real-time, providing them greater visibility into their sales, goals, and potential earnings.

IBM ICM solutions allow you to deliver personalized commission statements to your sales representatives. Easily configure sales performance reports with the level of detail your organization requires. Add performance metrics, display graphs to highlight achievements, show payment details that can be traced on a transaction level and give your salespeople access to “what-if” calculators.

With the right details, you can give your sales representatives more clarity into their earning potential and motivate them to close more deals.

In today’s fast-paced business climate, it is important to have mission-critical information readily available when it is needed to drive your business forward. With an IBM ICM solution, you can provide your leaders and administrators updated summary reports and dashboards with various types of performance metrics. Have access to mission critical information such as ranking reports, territory performance summaries and plan performance indicators, all at your fingertips.

Combine IBM ICM with Watson Analytics to take your analysis and decision making capabilities to a whole new level. Watson Analytics allows you explore your data, automate predictive analytics, and enables effortless dashboard and infographic creation.

One of the biggest challenges and frustrations of any sales operations team is managing and changing territories and account assignments. The process is often manual, prone to errors, and takes a long time to complete. With the IBM ICM solution, administrators have access to reports and dashboards that provide them with up to date performance metrics of sales reps, accounts, and territories to help efficiently manage territory assignments. Leaders and administrators will have the power to assign territory and account changes from the same solution thereby replacing the needs for emails, phone calls, or spreadsheets. Gain visibility, transparency, and automation of these challenging processes with the IBM ICM solution.

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With the right details, you can give your sales representatives more clarity into their earning potential and motivate them to close more deals.

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