Business Intelligence Solutions

Let’s face it – you’re too busy to sift through mountains of data to get the information you need when you need it. Rely on InnoVyne as your trusted partner who specializes in providing tailored business intelligence solutions for your SPM systems. We have the experience and knowledge to craft solutions that help you become more efficient, uncover insights, and make better business decisions.

At InnoVyne, we begin the process by understanding your business, your goals, your people, and your processes. Then we collaborate with you to develop tailor-made solutions for your needs. We make advanced analytics accessible by focusing on ways to extend existing data and reporting solutions.

Work smarter, not harder.

Advanced Dashboards & Reports

Empower executives and administrative teams by providing the tools, analytics, and resources they need to make informed decisions quickly and easily. Harness the power of your data with advanced analytical dashboards and reports built directly in your SPM solution. From plan effectiveness reports, to territory performance indicators, to trend-analysis reports, we have creative solutions for all your needs.


Plan Modelling

From minor adjustments to major redesigns, instantly model the cost and personnel impact of compensation plan changes with your SPM solution. Know the impact to your bottom-line as well as your producers; make better data-driven decisions. InnoVyne’s Scenario solutions help you quickly and efficiently model multiple scenarios to come at your optimal business case.


Data Management

InnoVyne’s Data Management solutions effectively reduce data-errors and provide system administrators critical tools needed to monitor and correct discrepancies with their data. As a result, boost the accuracy and dependability of your SPM solution and provide administrators peace of mind in their day-to-day tasks.


Workflow Automation

Streamline your manual processes, integrate your content and empower your people, wherever they are. InnoVyne’s Workflow solutions are aimed at automating your time-consuming, manual processes related to sales operations and incentive compensation management. From simple notifications, to complex quota setting schedules and plan approval processes, we can help you achieve greater productivity.


Pipeline / CRM Integration & Self-Calculators

Easily integrate with and utilize the rich content available in major CRM systems such as and Microsoft Dynamics. InnoVyne’s reporting solutions empower your sales representatives with insightful, accurate and on-demand reports. Motivate them to close opportunities, achieve targets, and ultimately deliver on company objectives.

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InnoVyne provides innovative solutions that drive accuracy, transparency, and analytics into your manual incentive calculation process.

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