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We understand that today's banking industry is a challenging space to maintain sustainable revenue growth. With increasing regulatory pressures, intense global pressures and the market's expectation for flawless consumer experience, the banking industry is continually evolving to accommodate its needs.

Market Disruption

The pandemic brought about a pressing need for agile business forecasting, real-time scenario modeling and critical insights about employee and financial performance. From a proliferation of incentive plans to a static financial planning process, banks now struggle with the resulting high costs & low margins.

Regulatory & Governance Needs

Constant regulatory changes & mandates such as the SOX Act, ASC 606 and Dodd-Frank, combined with stringent financial reporting and disclosure requirements, have made it imperative for banks to govern, monitor, audit and report on their operations and incentives with more detail than ever.

Data Challenges

Vast amounts of transactional data, data accuracy issues…… quickly result in costly reporting errors and regulatory non-compliance in addition to deep data distrust within the organization resulting productivity drain and higher employee attrition

Technology Costs

Banks need to implement industry and domain best practices to ensure they remove human errors and associated costs in financial processes while sustaining revenue growth……

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InnoVyne Solutions

Drive accelerated top-line growth by aligning sales behavior to sales outcomes. Empower your sales teams to outperform targets by optimizing territories, quotas and compensation plans for maximum effectiveness and complete visibility into performance trends.
Turn Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) into an advantage. Realize transformative business value by responding to market changes with agility and resilience with collaborative planning, always-on forecasting & predictive financial intelligence.

Our SPM and EPM solutions deliver the right information at the right time right to your fingertips.

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