Solutions for Healthcare

Boost revenue production by predicting footprint growth accurately. Motivate medical liaisons to outperform goals by optimizing goal setting. Manage compliance & audit requirements effortlessly.

Benchmarking & Goal Management

Predicting footprint growth is largely dependent upon accurately benchmarking revenue production. Manual benchmarking & communication is inherently error-prone, time-consuming & directly impacts liaison confidence in the company.

Regulatory Compliance & Audit Reporting

Strict regulations such as HIPAA highly influence compensation design & management in the healthcare industry. Robust data monitoring & accurate audit reporting is a crucial necessity in ensuring regulatory compliance.

Data & Decision-Making

Healthcare companies are still using outdated systems such as Excel for their financial planning and compensation administration. Without a central source of truth and robust tools to manage the FP&A and incentives processes, it is difficult tor provide high-quality insights for decision-makers and timely payouts for a multitude of employees.

Planning & Operational Inefficiencies

Healthcare providers are shifting from a volume-based to a value-based care model. This requires existing planning processes to become much more performance driven and dynamic by seamlessly collaborating across stakeholders, such as department heads & administrators, and adopting a broader, predictive view.

Our SPM and EPM solutions enable your institution to boost revenue production whilst managing compliance & audit requirements

InnoVyne Solutions

Drive accelerated top-line growth by aligning sales behavior to sales outcomes. Empower your sales teams to outperform targets by optimizing territories, quotas and compensation plans for maximum effectiveness and complete visibility into performance trends.
Turn Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) into an advantage. Realize transformative business value by responding to market changes with agility and resilience with collaborative planning, always-on forecasting & predictive financial intelligence.

InnoVyne Insights

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