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InnoVyne specializes in IBM’s suite of Sales Performance Management solutions, and we use our industry leading experience to optimize these for your organization and empower your teams to be self-sufficient.


Improve Control and Accuracy

  • Greatly reduce errors with systematic and automated processes;
  • Eliminate over- and under-payments that would otherwise be undetected;
  • Eliminate the need for emails and spreadsheets and paper trails to gather information and process payouts;
  • Benefit from detailed and powerful auditing capabilities.

Increase Transparency

  • Increase motivation and confidence of sales teams by giving them more visibility into their performance & incentives;
  • Perform ad-hoc reporting quickly and easily with information you need at your fingertips
  • Automate the process of inquiries and questions and provide the visibility you need to handle them quickly and easily.

Make better business decisions

  • Empower management and executives with up-to-date, dynamic and powerful reports with the information they need to make informed decisions
  • Leverage modelling and forecasting capabilities to better understand the impact of planned changes before rolling them out;
  • Perform ad-hoc reporting quickly and easily when you need to with information you need at your fingertips

SPM solutions automate complex incentive plans, provide a flexible platform for growth and expansion...

incentive compensation management

Our Incentive Compensation Management (“ICM”) solution provides a highly scalable and flexible platform for organizations to automate the way they manage, calculate, and report on their compensation programs. With various modules and an easy-to-use interface, the ICM solution automates complex incentive plans, automates various critical process, provides a flexible platform for growth and expansion, and provides online reports and statements for employee access.

  • An intuitive, easy-to-use interface with wizards and drag-and-drop features;
  • Powerful reports, dashboards, and analytics functionalities;
  • Quickly automate and schedule processes and tasks;
  • Easily manage workflow processes and audit tracking;

territory & quota management

Managing sales territories and quotas can be labor intensive and error prone. This leads to inefficient assignments and ultimately to unrealized revenues. Use our Territory & Quota Management (“TQM”) solution to efficiently create, monitor, and optimize quota and territory assignments with crediting rules by territory, product, or other criteria as required by your business model.

  • An intuitive, easy-to-use interface with wizards and drag-and-drop features;
  • Flexible & collaborative workflow processes for complex teams;
  • Detailed reports and dashboards for process management, auditing, territory coverage gaps, territory effectiveness, quota management, and underutilized crediting rules

Data Analytics

Our SPM solutions provide a host of analytics and optimization solutions to help you make better business decisions. By leveraging existing data, uncover important insights for your next steps. Optimize compensation plans, your coverage model, or the performance of your sales reps. And integrate with Watson Analytics to benefit from predictive analytics.

  • Perform scenario modeling to understand the impact of proposed changes before they are enacted;
  • With powerful dashboards and reports, track and monitor performance, patterns, and risks;
  • Advanced analytics and data visualization solutions for all your needs.

Sales Performance Management SolutionsLeading companies utilize Sales Performance Management solutions to streamline and automate their administration of manual processes related to variable-pay programs and territory & quota assignments. They benefit by increasing accuracy, reducing costs, reducing risks, and empowering and motivating their sales teams to sell more and increase the bottom line.

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InnoVyne’s SPM solutions provide powerful reporting solutions that motivate and drive sales behaviour.

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Replacing outdated technology and automating your manual processes can reduce errors by as much as 90%.

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InnoVyne’s SPM solutions provide insights and enable companies to make better business decisions.

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