Sales Performance Management Solutions

Sales Performance Management Solutions

SPM solutions provide a platform to administer, automate, and elevate your sales operations and variable-pay compensation processes.
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Purpose-built platforms & functionality

Incentive Compensation Management

Align your sales teams and strategic objectives to achieve desired revenue targets, comply with regulatory standards, and adapt to market changes quickly and efficiently.

Territory & Quota Management

Efficiently create, monitor, and align quota and territory assignments with your business strategy. Simplify and automate your complex tasks with powerful workflow solutions.

Reporting and Analytics

Gain insight & visibility into mission critical metrics such as performance trends, compensation drivers and revenue flow with advanced reporting and ad-hoc analysis.

Automate Your Complex Processes And Scale With An Industry-Leading SPM Platform.

3 reasons why our SPM Solutions let you focus on your business

Fuel revenue growth in uncertain times

Take control of business results by connecting sales objectives to sales performance. Drive desired sales behavior and motivate sellers to outperform targets by designing compensation based on data-driven insights. Integrate sales plans & results with strategic plans for a comprehensive view of business performance.

Employ Powerful Analytics for Unparalleled Insights

Mitigate performance uncertainty by gaining deeper insights into factors that impact sales outcomes. Improve sales team retention & productivity while reducing cost of compensation by identifying and analyzing pay vs revenue discrepancies, ideal incentives & rewards and compensation cost inefficiencies.

Adapt to Market Changes

Build agility in sales strategy by anticipating market disruption. Respond deftly to internal and external changes such as M&As & new incentive programs by accurately predicting and evaluating the impact of multiple scenarios to identify best courses of action for optimal sales results.

FAQ - SPM Solutions

Sales Performance Management (SPM) is a data-driven approach to planning, managing and analysis of sales performance at scale, that motivates sales teams, generates results, and drives revenue growth. SPM helps companies reach their full sales potential and maximize their return of investment in sales. It can be broken down into the following 3 capabilities:

  • Planning and Forecasting (including TQM)
  • Incentives Management (ICM)
  • Sales insights through Analysis and Reporting

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Sales Performance Management enables the organization, from seller to executive, to track, monitor and adjust behavior for sales outcomes.

  • Increased seller motivation & trust in compensation data due to enhanced visibility, transparency and accuracy of plan and payment details.
  • Complex administrative functions are simplified and automated to ensure timely payment processing and flexibility to adjust and adapt changes with ease in a secure, accurate and auditable environment.
  • Eliminate risks of over- & under-payments that would otherwise go undetected and adjust plans for optimal effectiveness through insights from advanced reporting & analytics at your fingertips.
  • Better understand the impact of planned changes before roll-out through robust modeling and forecasting capabilities.

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