Incentive Compensation Management Solutions

Incentive Compensation Management Solutions

Simplify and automate the administration, calculation and reporting of complex incentive processes and improve plan effectiveness through robust Incentive Compensation Management

Integrated end-to-End solutions

ICM solutions provide a flexible and scalable platform for all your compensation, automation, and reporting needs.

Data Engine

Unify disparate data sources, from HR to Financial data, using robust data integration capabilities such as prebuilt connectors for Excel, XML & CSV files, ODBC connections and APIs.

Calculation Engine

Manage and automate complex calculations for your compensation plans and reporting needs with our powerful ICM calculation engine. Easily add plans components or make changes to plans without compromising on the accuracy of the results.

Reporting Engine

Power data-driven decision-making at all levels of your organization through predictive reporting, visual data discovery and self-serve analytics using advanced reporting functionality.

Workflow Engine

Streamline the end-to-end compensation process, from calculations to reporting, inquiries and close with advanced workflow capabilities with pro-active alerts and notifications to ensure timely and smooth operations.

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3 reasons why our SPM Solutions let you focus on your business

Maximize Seller Productivity

Increase rep confidence in compensation data through timely, accurate payments. Eliminate shadow accounting in sales teams by providing transparency and self-service analysis into compensation detail and transaction-level data. Streamline the inquiry process to promote high rep morale and trust in the compensation data.

Manage Administration Complexity with Ease

Design, set up and manage complex plans with ease and accuracy. Automate compensation calculations and enjoy the flexibility of making last-minute adjustments for consistent on-time payroll processing. Gain detailed insights into critical components such as rep performance, plan effectiveness and compensation costs easily and answer rep inquiries with confidence.

Enable Improvement of Plan Effectiveness

Optimize compensation plans for highest sales performance. Gain clear, detailed visibility into performance trends, anomalies and plan weaknesses to ensure fair, transparent incentive structures that motivate and reward the right behaviors and results.

FAQ - ICM solution

A robust ICM solution can assist in removing friction from the sales compensation process, easing the compensation administration process, adapting sales strategy to changing business priorities based on timely reporting & analytics and empowering sellers by providing complete transparency into their performance. It can help uncover new insights to incentivize the precise sales behaviors required to not only increase total yield but also outperform previous performance benchmarks.

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