Incentive Compensation Management Solutions

Incentive Compensation Management Solutions

Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) solutions provide the platform to better manage end-to-end activities related to the administration, automation, calculation and reporting of complex incentive processes.

Integrated end-to-End solutions

ICM solutions provide a flexible and scalable platform for all your compensation, automation, and reporting needs.

Data Engine

Integrate with any data-source using out-of-the-box connectors for Excel, XML, or CSV files, ODBC connections, or via API end-points.

Calculation Engine

Calculate any result needed for your compensation plans, reporting, and analytical needs. If the data is available, the result is easily obtained.

Reporting Engine

From visual data-discovery tools to business analytics reporting, ICM’s reporting engine provides functionality for all users in your company.

Workflow Engine

Automate intricate workflow processes with dashboards and notifications. Simplify data-collection with input forms.

Simplify your administration processes with an ICM solution from InnoVyne

3 reasons why our SPM Solutions let you focus on your business

Maximize Seller Productivity

Significantly reduce risks to productivity such as shadow-accounting & low morale by enabling plan detail visibility, compensation detail transparency and self-service for instant answers to compensation-related inquiries. Increase seller confidence in compensation data through timely, accurate payouts consistently.

Manage Administration Complexity with Ease

Improve plan design and get incentive components right the first time based on remarkably accurate and detailed compensation data insights. Enjoy the flexibility of making last-minute adjustments, changes & corrections and still close on time. Improve enterprise-wide communication of sales results with robust reporting capabilities.

Enable Continuous Improvement of Plan Effectiveness

Gain detailed insights into program results and optimize sales compensation plans through the power of advanced analytics. Rapidly model and accurately predict the impact of changes from market disruption to sales turnover and plan component changes to ensure fair and transparent incentive programs across sales teams.

FAQ - ICM solution

A robust ICM solution can assist in removing friction from the sales compensation process, easing the compensation administration process, adapting sales strategy to changing business priorities based on timely reporting & analytics and empowering sellers by providing complete transparency into their performance. It can help uncover new insights to incentivize the precise sales behaviors required to not only increase total yield but also outperform previous performance benchmarks.

InnoVyne Insights

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Design successful ICM plans

Download our eBook to learn a few guidelines that have helped companies design and execute compensation programs successfully.

Admin workload

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