Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Empower all levels of the organization to make better business decisions by harnessing the power of your data. Uncover actionable insights, monitor key performance drivers and gain predictive intelligence with advanced analytics capabilities at your fingertips. From month-end reporting to consolidations and external reporting, automate time-consuming tasks and critical workflows to create a timely, consistent and compliant financial reporting process.

Powerful tools for all your needs

Accelerate your ability to uncover valuable insights and apply them quickly to improve business outcomes

Financial Reporting

With the up-to-date reports and analytical tools at your fingertips, you can easily access insights when you need them most
Increase accuracy and timeliness with automated monthly reports
Accesss readiliy available, reliable data when required to share with critical decision makers. Meaningfully visualize KPIs and financial metrics for fast, forward-looking, accurate decision-making
Automate time-consuming consolidation workflows and streamline external reporting in compliance with industry standards such as GAAP and IFRS and regulations set by government agencies like SEC.

Data Discovery & Analytics

Be on your path to becoming a data-driven organization by learning from the wealth of data available in your business
Automate your data collection, cleansing and consolidation activities and fill gaps quickly to create a reliable, secure dataset for analysis
Access a unified foundation of rich, multidimenasional data to uncover performance blind spots, trends and anomalies.
Easily model what-if scenarios and predictive forecasts to assess impact of disruptions on business performance

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Unified Financial Analysis

An all-emcompassing solution for managing company’s finances. Our solutions include everything you need for budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and consolidation.

Financial Planning and Forecasting

We use cutting-edge solutions to help manage your finances by using financial data to modify your business models in real time. Build accurate forecasts using our integrated solutions by using past trends and forecast scenarios.

Reporting and Analysis for Finance

The solution empowers you to create accurate financial information in an easy-to-read format in just few simple steps. It lets you design your own reports by choosing predefined reports or data sets, as well as customizable elements.

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